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January 12, 2011



hehe, don't worry about the baby camels, baby always means first sheering, not that its from a teeny camel, lol!


Elegance is wonderful. I ordered the oyster and blush to crochet the lace blanket in latest 'Piecework' magazine. It is waiting for me to wind it when my three year old is out and I keep stroking it like a pet. I had brief conscience trouble about baby camels but I am sure they have more than enough fluff!

Nicky Hale

Jen, don't do it you know I will slap you across the chops with some acrylic if you crack!!:)


Well I can update - i didn't totally make it home yarn-free! I was treated to the skein of beautilicious green Elegance. I'm plotting what to make from it now!


No tips here! All that yarn...nice, very, very nice. :-)


I was only there for a day once and I couldn't resist the temptation. You're a stronger woman than I am! Three Days! :)
Can't wait to see your designs.

Susan Lawrenz-Smith

why resist--a life surrounded by beauty is a good thing!


I commend you! 3 whole days! I usually last less than an hour... So in my book you are doing extremely well. ;)

Have fun you two!


oh, I can't wait to see the patterns you're designing! I love the new scrumptious sock yarn... hoping there might be a pattern or 2 for it :-)


Um, no tips at all, I'm afraid - I'm utterly useless at avoidance, as Jeni will testify.

I blame her.

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