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October 08, 2009



Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


I, too, prefer DK and heavier-weight yarn. :-)


PS I forgot, I adore Alpaca, BFL, not too keen on a lot of silk with wool, havn't tried camel yet or yak, would not mind soya, corn fibre, or milk protein yarns. I guess I have strange tastes in yarn. Bamboo is nice but splits terribly so does cotton.


I know I am tooo late with the discount, I love the arans very much. Autumn is my most fave time of year, with the leaves turning from yellow to orange and red, just stunning. I would to see some more My pretties sparkle sock yarn cos I luve the colours. I made some lace gloves with picot eges, very pretty, in your sparkle yarn,.

I lurve your varigated yarns the most cos I'm a colourful girl, the more colours the better, just like mr Kaffe.

Wo I'm really after is some My Pretties in sparkle sock yarn or Aran or DK you choose.

Ruth Griffiths

Hi Jeni, sock sock and more sock and 4 ply, deep intense colours, golds etas described so beautifully in the post above, semi solid or subtle colour changes - I think I have moved on from dramatic multi colours and prefer somthing that shows complex Cookie A type stitch patterns. I like a bit of silk with merino (rather than cashmere or alpaca)
many thaks, Ruth G


Hi all

i do love laceweight but find i dont need to buy that much , one hank is going to last a loong time if you are knitting a shawl.
Like the comment from Jane, I'm probably looking to knit more scarves/shawls from sockweight (am thinking Ene's shawl) but this would need a semi sold for sure.

While i love knitting with the heavier weight yarns i am a little loathe to buy them on line as i never seem to be quite sure how much i will need and it seems like *such* an investment at one time
(this from a woman who can spend £80 and not blink in a yarn shop recently)
Weird logic but maybe helpful?
What i really really really want is some of your sparkle sock yarn, particularly in a yummy purple shade i have seen in a mag recently but any jewel shade would do it for me.

Lots and lots more thoughts if you are interested - what about maybe what people do with the yarn ? I see some on Rav but dont know how many people are on there and it would be nice to see in shop near the yarn to maybe fire people's imagination?
I speak as a convert to your yarn , looked online for ever but found some scrumptipus in Get Knitted recently and could not believe how , well scrumptious it is .. am sure this is the same with more of your yarn but it can be hard to tell from pics...

Anyway yarn, as always calls
shout if more info wanted


Oooh, personally I'm lovin' the semi-solids and solids since they 'read' a lot better with cabled patterns (my particular addiction). I would love to see something like Brown Sheep Lamb's pride bulky or Cocoon - but with a twist! :)


Like Jan, I'm also looking for arans in variegated colours with matching plain trim. These are perfect for knitting real nappy covers :-)

I'm also interested in plain and variegated dk for baby knits and chunky wool for hats and scarves.

At this time of year I think autumn colours would be great, as well as deep reds and warm plum, perhaps some icy blues, etc.

I have just discovered your website and I love your products. I'm just trying to decide what to buy!


Yup, I'm with one or two already: I love the variegated on the skein, but I would rather have a more even colour when I knit something, so probably semi solids for me. Still very happy with Laceweight, although I'm starting to want to use the sockweights for lightweight winter shawlettes (not sure I altogether like that word, but you know what I mean!) that can keep you warm without being too bulky. Not sure how much I'd make in an Aran weight at the moment, but that's only because it doesn't fit with my current project list!

Particularly looking for a Lichen green in 4ply at the moment, so I'm just off to the Fyberspates shop to check ...


I'd be more likely to buy more semi-solid or solid colours in heavier weight yarns (DK or aran) in rich/deep colours than more variegated colours. I still use 4ply and heavier lace-weight yarns though too, as I prefer lighter scarfs and mittens and socks, again in nice warm rich colours, perhaps in warmer blends for winter! Some semi-solids would be good for colourwork too...

Good luck towards being able to build your own house, that is my dream too!

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