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May 02, 2008



OOOh I'm very excited about being your helper/slave!


Awww Jen,

its so so nice to hear this kind of thing, you DO work hard and you certainly do deserve some you time. How exciting to have help too!!

Its weird you say the thing about purple, I have been dyeing a lot of purple and quite a bit on request, its quite a happy and comforting colour, maybe peeps are willing the summer berries on ;)

*trots off to peep at Jen's WIP* that book is ace isnt it, do you have Weardowney Knit Couture? If not I think you would like it!


All the purple is triggering the spiritual part og you - maybe it is knocking at your door, but it is hard to notice when you are so busy.
Have a nice week end - look farward to see you!


Good to know you are recovering from Wonderwool.
Just saying - if can do with some help in the evenings - I'd be more than willing... Give me a shout, short notice is usually fine with me... ;)
and now, go and enjoy your garden a bit! There might be some inspiration there...



Get back to work!

*cracks whip*


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