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May 26, 2008



Wishing you pots of luck in your new venture, hope all goes smoothly. I am really looking forward to the update.

Can I send an email about Irene's sock yarn she's still waitng since Feb, we know you are very busy so please send it when you've time.
Ta and thanks for your last lovely email it made me glow inside a bit like Ready Break eaten near Sellafield lol.


I'm excited too ! Their Alpaca lace yarn is so lovely to work with, in stunning colours.
It's wonderful to see how your business is developing, and all your hard work coming to fruition.


Congratulations Jen!
I love reading how things are with you, you deserve all your success as you work so hard and are passionate about what you do.

Best Wishes,



Congratulaions! Can't wait to see it all unfold.


Wow, all these things are so exciting! Congratulations on sorting out your house, too. Talking things to death is very tough - we have had some of that down here in the south east but we are friends and back on track now I think. Mmmmm, must get back to knitting. I have new glasses and it's amazing how well I can see!


That's really exciting news - the distribution I mean but the sale too ;) Good luck with FS trading


I am so excited for you!!! This is HUGE congrats honey :)

Did you find Norway expensive? My dad went a few years back on business and nearly died when a round of drinks cost him £70 (£10 a pint!!!!) that and a twix cost him £1.50 LOL I remember him calling and saying he would be home slimmer and sober ;)

A sale eh *goes to set up tent*


Oh wow, those colours! So exciting! x


I am so glad you are happy!
Good luck to you and his name is bamse.
Love Per and Kari


Nice to hear you are happy! His name is Bamse!
Good luck with everything!

Love Per and Kari

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