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May 27, 2008



You should come to Chicago!


Can you dye me some sock yarn and some Aran in Honeysuckle colours. My honeysuckle has got some buds and is about to burst into flower next week or so, I will let you have a flower so you have an idea what colours they are. let me know how much by email. I have been doing plenty of hard work today as well, I vaccuumed the sitting room did the dishes cleaned the kitchen and flaked out on the sofa and got on with me knitting job. I have done over 55 inces of the scarf just another15" to go. Gulp.

I was a bit of a drama llama (Kerrie's idea) about the yarns but i made it up now.
Can't wait for tomorrow I get me grease so I can get lots of yarn, yippeeeeee.

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