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April 25, 2008



Jen, count yourself lucky!
I saw a girl the other week whose hair had literally snapped off through the exact same thing( don't think she was perusing ravelry though)!The only thing was she'd kept all the long hair that hadn't been affected so she a 1 inch crop all over the top then shoulder length brown hair.She looked bizarre.She came in our village shop and brought it up, loudly, with the girl behind the counter that she knew so I felt it ok to stare.Don't go on Ravelry again when dyeing hair!


ha! Well I'll be the exhausted woman having just driven 5 hours to get here having a breakdown around the corner from you! Just in hotel (with wifi!) now waiting for lou to get here and help me unpack the car. see you soon. xx


Good luck! Hope you have a fab weekend. Will you be coming to Woolfest?

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