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March 03, 2008



I would LUVE the welsh cakes recepie please ( can't spell recipie) I also love to cook. The tagine looks very authentic hope you have lots of fun with it.

I would love to knit with hemp, or organic cotton or wool. So if you have time I would love to read about eco-friendly stuff, so please put me down on your list. Ta muchly!


I am definitely interested in what you have to say about ethical and ecological fibre usage/manufacture. You are right a lot of stuff is written that says nothing much and I feel I trust you as a source and would be happier acting on information Iet from you than anywhere else. Oh and yes I am lazy so it is grea of you to do all the brainaching research - thanks.


I'd be really interested in what you have to say about ethics of yarn production/ecology. I've seen you mention this in a couple of places but it seems as if you can't quite say exactly what you'd like to say. Which always leaves me a bit intrigued!


I will be looking for the recipe for the Welsh tea cakes! I love to cook too.


You don't have to do the W word if you don't want to...I used what I had in the cupboard (the lamb stock was made from a cube, Harissa you can get from anywhere these days, health food shops included, I always have dried apricots as they're a tasty snack, the lamb comes from my butcher, and I buy whatever cut is cheapest and as for the tomatoes, any tinned does for me) Don't forget it does serve loads especially with the cous cous. Your guitar teacher will be suitably impressed I think especially dong it in your tagine (I still want one and even more so now I've seen yours, much prettier than my boring old slow cooker!)
And yes please put up your welsh cakes recipe, I have teenage boys with hollow legs.

I'm always interested to read what you have to say about yarn etc but don't make yourself overloaded by it all. You write when and what you want.

Enjoy your lamb!

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