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August 30, 2007



Looks like we could do with one of those. Neither I nor my housemates are very fond of hoovering and it shows.
I've not seen any of BB this year. I've got sucked in too many times in the past, so this year I just let it pass me by.


Stop washing them or they'll shrink! They weren't wool were they??????
I love hoovering too, aren't we sad? It's an immediate tidy up and a must if you have a biscuit loving westie who insists on trying out every carpet in the house to munch them.
As for BB....I think Liam is brilliant and I don't care if he's already got £100,000. He made me go all soft when he cried the first time as he didn't want them all to think that he really needed the money. Bless!

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