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August 15, 2007


Sue Krekorian

I love El Naturalista shoes/sandals. They're made from vegetable tanned leather and recycled rubber for the soles, and you can buy them from the Raw website...

Kathleen Pursley (Ohio)

Jen - I might be interested in some of the extra sock yarn. I've knit a pattern for a "smoke ring" using feather and fan pattern and sock yarn. Are those yarns on your web shop? I assume those yarns would be what USA calls "fingering weight?" I'd like yarn to make holiday gifts.

See you at Ally Pally!



Nothing helpful or useful from me rather the fact that when I read this line "my red kickers" I thought it said knickers and wondered why we had gone from shoes to underwear in one sentance. Doh! xx


How about a pair of Adbusters hemp boots with car tyre soles? I like mine very much. I got them at Vegetarian Shoes. They have the sneaker there too.




Have you tried Worn Again? And other shoes from the Terra Plana people. http://www.wornagain.co.uk/

My Clare has a pair, and they're great!

"The Collection
Summer is here and things couldn't be better in Worn Again world, where everything - from prison blankets, car seats, e-leather and reclaimed jeans - is given a second chance in life. New styles abound, including groovy sandals made from car seat belts and tires and accessories, home made in the UK."

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