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March 31, 2006



I am reminded of selling an intro to SPSS book (I was a bookseller for 6 months while starting my PhD part-time) and giving a sympathetic look to the customer, she clocked it and said "oh, no, I'm SOOOOO excited by the idea of working up my results" she was a very keen MSc student about to embark on her dissertation.

Personally, I choose the "qualatative" route :)


Yeah, Gnarls is pretty good but I'm desperate to get Mark Ronson's version of Radiohead's Just. Might have to resort to paying full price at amazon as my local HMV didn't have it and I wanted to spend my vouchers.


The new yarn looks pretty! When was/is your birthday? I just scrolled down a few posts and couldn't see it, so happy birthday!

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