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February 22, 2006



Hi Jeni, remember me? Nic who used to come to Stitch and Bitch before I moved? Well just wanted to say stick to your guns with the house. We found one we liked but couldn't afford so put an offer in, they said no, put another offer in, they said no and got all arsy about not accepting an offer any lower than £7k more than we offered so we said ok, stick your house basically, even though we REALLY wanted it then the next day, the agent rang and said if we offered an extra £1k they would accept it!! So we did and hoepfully, fingers crossed, touch wood, we'll be moving in soon. Sellers are really gready at the mo but I think they will slowly begin to realise that they can't expect stupid amounts for the houses. Just an idea, how about getting a friend to go round and have a look, be realy negative about it then put a silly low offer in, then they might reconsider yours more and think they should go with you.
What a ramble!! I love rogue and the colour. Cables are the next thing I want to have a go at but not sure I could do that straight off.



Rats....did you offer them yarn?????


Oh, I know the house thing. I can relate completely. We found the perfect house, 2 blocks away from my husband's job. Perfect house, with a play room, nice living room, etc. We saw the house first on Sunday, we put in an offer on Thursday, Friday she calls us and tell us that the house is no longer for sale. We were crushed!
Keep on house hunting, you will find something :).


Great news about the research, but I can't remember where you said you will be carrying in out.

Those nasty house owners, how dare they refuse your offer?!


Felicia from sweetgeorgia

Hi Jeni! I don't think I've ever commented before, but I read your blog quite religiously (since I heard you on KnitCast)... I am so sorry to hear about your house-hunting troubles... it sounds a lot like what my brother is going through right now. Everything is just so incredibly overpriced -- but it's good to hear that you are being firm about what you can afford. Around here, some people have started to put 0% down to purchase property and, currently, interest rates are *incredibly* low. But as soon as interest rates rise, they may or may not be able to afford their monthly payments. And that's not a situation you want to find yourselves! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and this house! =)

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