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February 20, 2006



Wow, that *is* a lot of progress! It's gorgeous and I agree that a bit of difference in the cables isn't going to be a bad thing.
Thank Dog you found out about the area before committing to anything.


Knitting experiment? I'm intrigued.


Your Rogue is looking so awesome! I really love the yarn.


The sweater is looking great! And I agree with you, definitely do not rip it, if you like the way it looks, then it is ok :).

The house hunting is a difficult one, we are in the process of doing the same thing. Except we can't find any houses that we can afford in the neighborhood we want. Keep on searching and share your insight.


It's looking so good and I'm with you about not worrying cablewise. At this rate you'll be done and dusted with plenty of time to spare.


I got your yarn!!! I LOVE your yarn! The apple yarn will make Xmas socks next Chistmas & thank you for the extra skein!! I may even be able to get 2 pairs!!!

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