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February 09, 2006



I don't know about building regs, but I can advise you re. planning.

It could be complicated, but if it isn't, and you can prove the extension has been there for more than 4 years (assuming it isn't in a conservation area) you can apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use and Development.

Depending on its size, what other additions/alterations have been carried out, and if the the house has any conditions attached, is in a con area or other specially designated areas, you may not need planning permission at all.

If you need to discuss, give me a shout - I can explain all at the next SnB, or sooner if you're in a rush.


No experience at all, but I find it difficult to believe that any builder (my brother is a builder) would do this without seeking planning permission. I know that when he fiddles wiht his homes (!) he usually gets someone in to look at each stage of the building. If the builders didn't do this, they're cowboys, and if the owners did this it might be a tad homemade wiht all the accompanying problems. Your mortgage provider may not lend the funds iwth this going on. Planning permissin may be refused, and if it's the buying point with you, it negates the reasons you want to buy. too much hassle maybe a full survey AND planning permission after the event before you consider buying this, it will be a big commitment


RE: Simply Soft
I've made toddler pullovers with it. And I'm trying socks with it -- bit fat socks. Cuz it's cheap.

Now, have you casted on for Olympics yet???


My FIL built a conservatory at the back of his bungalow, just before he passed away. We had no idea that he hadn't applied for planning permission until we came to sell it. Luckily the people who bought the house were so in love with the place they advised their solicitor that they wanted it no matter what and they would sort out the problem. We never heard any more and I know the conservatory is still standing, so I'm assuming they got everything sorted afterwards (unless of course they still haven't bothered!)At least the solicitor has taken some sort of action to protect you with the policy, horrendous as it sounds if you have to take it down. If Bob the builder says it's fine then I expect there isn't too much to worry about getting permission granted. Most of it is visual and it gets to give your neighbours a chance to say whether it offends them in any way. If they're happy and the building is sound then you should be laughing. You or the present owners also have the right to appeal should it all go the wrong way too. Think positive! http://www.diydata.com/planning/planregperm/planning_rules.htm


Hmm, sounds dodgy. Are you needing a mortgage? Because if so I'm not sure this is going to go down well with your lender! And will this extension affect your ability to get buildings insurance on the property?

I agree with Ru, get a full structural survey done. A few hundred quid now could save you thousands later.


This is a potentially dangerous situation!
I bought a house in London in 1997 and the "extension" had not had planning permission. Luckily (they said!)it had been up for over ten years so fell outside the "knock it down" rule. So we got to keep it. However, about 3 years later we realised the concrete floor had been poured over the "trap" to the toilet downpipe - making it inaccessible. So when the loo blocked (small child, whole loo roll - sigh!) the concrete had to be broken to get access to the pipe before we all died of asphixiation.
make sure you get a "proper" survey - a builder saying it looks OK does not protect you from things like this!
Also, it is a sign that the previous owner didnt do things by the rules - so you might discover (as we did) little gems like a gas pipe repaired with sellotape... I am not kidding!!!
But if you love the house - go for it! Just get a FULL SURVEY FIRST!

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