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June 10, 2004



Your dress is striking! How's your stress level with the wedding planning?

I love your dye job with the wendsleydale and the silk. They look really lovely. I've got some soy silk coming to me soon. I think I am going to dye it and make a shawl from it. I followed your link to the beaded skein... hmmm, very inspiring, n'est pas?

Good luck with all of the wedding preps ~ I hope it is a day to remember with love and fondness. [look at me getting all mushy - I love weddings!]


Wow! That's a fabulous dress! You'll look stunning in it!


Your dress is beautiful. I got married in October, 2000, and I remember all my planning this time four years ago.

La Luz is quite pricey, so I brought Tahki Positano from Elann (www.elann.com). Athough I think spinning your own is very cool.

The pattern calls for an I (5.5mm) hook, so I plan to start with that and see where it gets me .

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